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Potentiometers & switches

All signals coming from the magnets are sent to the center for treatment and control signals. The signal from the magnet selected with the corresponding positions intensifies, adjusts the color tone and via the Volume potentiometer sends the amplifier. Signals from the magnets can switch to select just one, two or all three together breath guitar has such a schedule magnet. 
  There are also options mRNA (sharing the signal from the humbucker compounds in series or parallel). This provides a certain tone to the desired choice
Fender style switch
The signal that comes from Volume potentiometer, it increases logarithmically as suitable for emergency signal amplification. Regulation tones are ofabire linear potentiometer. 
Potentiometer for color tone, parallel placed ceramic capacitor, typically 0.22 to 0.47 nF.
Tone control set
Potentiometers regulating exit humbucker are usually of 500K, while in ordinary pickups 250 K.
Double potentiometer
Switch to select the work of the magnet has a three position in the case of two magnets , or 5 position if the guitar has three magnets .
Ibanez & PRS type switch
Such switches are offered a choice of all possible combinations of signals around the dial .
Shematics diagram 2 hums
Some guitars have a whole set of amplification and signal selection on one panel ( Fender Stratocaster , Fender Telecaster )
while some have specifically placed separately on the body ( Gibson , Ibanez )

The signal from the switches and potentiometers sends the output of the guitar where he was placed OUT jack . The terminal is equipped with contacts ( usually 2 or 3 ) , which are universal to fit each cable for each guitar . It is a dimension of 6.3 mm and has the same two or three contacts , minus ( - ) pole or mass ( GND ) and hot ( HOT ) contact .
Simple out jack
Out jack with battery plug
Output jack plate
Output jack connector
A third possible contact is the contact for the battery in the guitar with electronics for amplification ( active pickups ) . Turning off the cable from the guitar, the contact closes battery power , which is located in the electronics of the guitar.
Battery for active coils

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