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The most expencive world guitar

Today the market of rare guitars , guitar where they played the most famous guitarists , guitars that were produced at the beginning of the century in a couple of pieces , there are rare examples that have collector value that reaches a fortune.
Thus, for example, in London exposed for sale guitar Jimi Hendrix . legendary Fender Stratocaster facing wire .U things Stratocaster body was " right hand " and the neck " LeftHand "
. Guitar Hendrix played at the Miami Pop Festival in 1968 , and is ongoing concert flamed on stage . The guitar was burned to the end but it was such a Jimi gave Frank Zappa . Zappa had restored , he played a long time on it , and he gave his son Dweezil who on her playing today. The guitar will be auctioned unquestionably reach astronomical prices because it Dweezil decided to set up the auction with a starting price of £ 400,000 ( British pounds ) , the equivalent of approximately 4 million Kuna  .. How much will only reach its value at auction, one can only speculate .
Dweezil has a collector in Las Vegas allegedly offered half a million dollars , but the younger Zappa refused to sell , believing that he can get more .
To date, the record price was the guitar Eric Clapton guitar , sold for $ 470,000 .
In fact , we need to distinguish between public auction when the price reaches unreal amounts and vintage sales when the price is really a rare specimen .

At the auction the " Black Beauty " Les Paul Gibson Eric Clapton , sold for $ 950,000 . Which is considered the upper limit of the price ever reached an electric guitar .

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