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The most expencive world guitar

Today the market of rare guitars , guitar where they played the most famous guitarists , guitars that were produced at the beginning of the century in a couple of pieces , there are rare examples that have collector value that reaches a fortune.
Thus, for example, in London exposed for sale guitar Jimi Hendrix . legendary Fender Stratocaster facing wire .U things Stratocaster body was " right hand " and the neck " LeftHand "
. Guitar Hendrix played at the Miami Pop Festival in 1968 , and is ongoing concert flamed on stage . The guitar was burned to the end but it was such a Jimi gave Frank Zappa . Zappa had restored , he played a long time on it , and he gave his son Dweezil who on her playing today. The guitar will be auctioned unquestionably reach astronomical prices because it Dweezil decided to set up the auction with a starting price of £ 400,000 ( British pounds ) , the equivalent of approximately 4 million Kuna  .. How much will only reach its value at auction, one can only speculate .
Dweezil has a collector in Las Vegas allegedly offered half a million dollars , but the younger Zappa refused to sell , believing that he can get more .
To date, the record price was the guitar Eric Clapton guitar , sold for $ 470,000 .
In fact , we need to distinguish between public auction when the price reaches unreal amounts and vintage sales when the price is really a rare specimen .

At the auction the " Black Beauty " Les Paul Gibson Eric Clapton , sold for $ 950,000 . Which is considered the upper limit of the price ever reached an electric guitar .

Guitar frets setup

Neck handle (Eng: fingerboard) is a long thin strip at the front neck where you are impressed thresholds or traverse instrument, usually made ​​of laminated wood (and other materials). The most noticeable in those instruments that do not have on my neck thresholds. The purpose of putting the clamps "through the neck" of the instrument is that when playing as a musician presses the wire down to the threshold, and thus short its length as vibration ultimately produce tone. Hook has the task to its hardness prevents possible damage to the body neck. 
The word "neck handle" in other languages ​​often is related to music genres, first of all the stringed instruments such as, in Italian, where the name "manico or tasto" with the phrase "sul tasto" usually prefers to use bows and playing stringed instruments.
Detail of guitar neck

On the neck ( or clamp ) design is planned to build the thresholds at which the vertical pressure on the wire musician assist in precise " stopping " in a certain place , and is enabled with less power than just fingers attenuate vibration of strings . Thresholds are usually fixed to the gripper as the guitar or the mandolin , but can be as in the example that the mobile lute . Interesting fact is that during the history of the lute strings of animal gut it fit together with thresholds of intestine wrapped and tied around her neck . This position thresholds and wire lute created a big problem as musicians , and those who have studied music theory . 

Neck handle can also be designed and fretless ( Eng : fretless ), which is mostly the case with stringed instruments .
Rosewood neck

Instruments with gripper without thresholds allow the musician more control over subtle changes in a given time than models with thresholds , but are generally considered more difficult instruments to overcome precise intonation . You can see examples of clamps that are a hybrid design of the two aforementioned models . Such an example is best seen on the instrument the sitar , where his arched thresholds attached to the edge of the neck . Unlike instruments with thresholds where the pressure to establish contact with the wire clamp , on this instrument fretless tone will produce pressure on the wire below the threshold .
Fields on the trap neck share thresholds , and user friendly reference works among them are marked orientation markers tones ( usually a dot or square ) on electric guitar on the 3rd , 5th , 7th, 9th , 12th , 15th , 17th , 19th , and 21st , field . Variations in making tons of markers really are colorful , so that the already mentioned there are models where for better visibility placed sideways on the edge of the neck , even to the mounting LEDs as an adventure in the dark stage .
Over time thresholds are worn out resulting in " buzzing " tone because the wire gets stuck for the next threshold . State thresholds in the trap can be checked by a simple method that is pressed against the ruler along the length of the neck sills , and visually determine the deviation of the threshold level of the threshold . In case of deviation thresholds must be sanded to the same height .
Frets of modern electric guitar

Variations : with models with the design of flat thresholds , there are models of guitars with curved or bent thresholds , which was designed by Andres Thidell from Sweden . The aim of which is amended in order to achieve this model thresholds gain cleaner and longer duration tons in the right harmonics ( in musical jargon - sustain ) . Effect precise tonal accuracy resulted in a better discrimination of tones with balanced and full sound .

" Thidell Formula 1 "  invention and design of these thresholds in models of guitar playing is possible that it would not be possible to perform so well on the classic flat thresholds .