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How to change guitar's coils (humbuckers)?

Many guitarists have often had major problems when it should change the magnets ( pickups ) on guitar . Most often it was inexperience and ignorance , and when the owner of the guitar it just took someone else to make the next payment services .
Each manufacturer humbucker pickups and has its own color lines leather- wiring is made guitars . Most of  the method feeder with black and white wire. Since magnets are concerned , these are the poles , ie + or - half . So is white wire was + and black - half .. The problem arises when it comes to humbackers .
What are humbackers? . Humbackers are in fact double single pickups are connected inversely . They can act as a serial connected and connected in parallel , so that the guitar using switches receive various effects .
The most common problem is if you want the humbucker that has only two independent feeders get two pickups so they could be split up or how it says " 
Gray or white wire connects both ends of two magnets inversely . So the positive pole and the magnet is connected to the negative pole of B magnets . Other two wires ( red + black and half - half ) are in fact the main output from both windings .. Wire that connects the two magnets , then gray or white on the center of the cut .
So we get four excerpts of which are now as follows :
A red B + pole magnets
B black negative terminal of a magnet
C gray cut on one side of the A + pole magnets
D Gray cut on the other side - half a magnet.
What we get now ? We got as if we have two separate magnet.
To perform various different combinations ( mRNA , reversing or turning phase ) we have more options.
The figure below shows how to perform these operations using various switches :
Classic Stratocaster guitar wiring:

Les paul wiring:
Three singles paralel wiring
or serial:
Wiring colour code some off guitar manufacture:

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