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If a guitar humming

If the guitar is "cheep " will not be much of surprise , however , the most expensive pieces of your instrument may show.same thing
The electronics and electrical guitar consists of a magnet that converts vibrations into electrical impulses that are amplified in amplifier reproduce in space .

In addition, there are guitar potentiometers which the signal before exiting the stage gain mutes or amplifies .
Capacitors are used to signal that reinforces add high or low tone ( equalizer) .
These electrical signals can be mixed alo near other electrical or electronic devices , especially those in his district have electronic transformers il electrolytic capacitors larger capacity .
In this case, the amplifier to hear unpleasant humming sound . The solution is removal and placement of the amplifier or guitar to a place in space where you will not hear the hum .
Sometimes the amplifier output vroom and this is the sound of 50 Hz , which comes from the frequency of the electricity grid where grounding is not well done . It only helps find the perfect place for the amplifier . Sometimes it helps to rotate the connector socket electrical network but not always successfully .

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