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Mounting a guitar hardware

When finished neck and body of the guitar, then fully completed, proceed to mounting parts electrics, electronics, switches, output components, carrier belt and everything guitar should have. 
On the body mount neck with screws which are not prepared in advance. When you are connected to the neck and body, mounted the bridge and set up two extreme strings on the neck. 
Prior to that, it is necessary to attach the wire tuners on the neck.
Control action and string position
It happens due to the spraying occurred about disproportion position of the door and the body. This usually results in that the strings are high, and that tread on the threshold. Usually these positions (action) can be set to Bridge raising the carrier wire to Bridge, but if that is impossible, then it should be done in controlling the position of the guitar neck pocket
Setup wire intonation
Setup action
. If the position of the wire such that it can not adjust the height of the Bridge ( bend the wire thresholds ) , remove the neck and carry out the thin lining inserts between the door and body . In the present case , cut pieces measuring 58 x 10 mm and submit them by the neck , which is closer to the edge of the guitar body , then the bolts that hold the body and the neck edge closer body guitar . Submit experiment so shims as needed .
I practiced coasters of X-ray films used in hospitals . Ideal as well spend the tone and thin that it might well choose how they should be planted .
If the position of the wire is too high , then we put the pads on the opposite part of the door , then the one closer to the coil.
When you get rid of ideal height , tight neck and body with four screws . Thus we solve the action of the guitar.
Mounting magnet , or at Stratocaster panel containing all the elements of electrical and control tones . Previously prepared and dug holes needed to be set plate , to magnets , switches and potentiometers regulation could easily and without resistance could put on before the marked place .

Stratocaster wiring plate
Stratocaster body 
Before mounting, guitar body looks like:
Attached plates and all the other must guarantee that all the elements in it are positioned and configured to provide the best conditions and playability .
Particular attention should be paid to the amount of magnets on the board . Since the magnets are attached to the underside of the spring , their screwing or unscrewing the changing height of the magnet relative to the wire .

Once mounted panel with parts , if the plate is purchased complete , extract the OUT jack to connect the output. If parts of the electrical and electronics ? ? ( actually an electric guitar with no active electronics has only one electronic part . while all the other electrics ) . In semiconductors , which belong to the electronics is one or two ceramic capacitors
Tone capacitor

,which are used connected in parallel with potentiometer Tone cutting treble , to passively regulate the output .
Other components such as potentiometers , switches and magnets to be connected to each other by purpose and by the very parts . I will mention here an example Stratocaster , which usually mention here . If it supplies well-known brands Seymour Duncan , then ćeshema joining the board will look like this:
*** That scheme was downloaded from SC oficial site and is not for commercial use***
If everything is connected properly, guitar included in the amplifier must not hum , rumble , and tones must be clear . How are the wires connected to ground amps through contact with the plate on the bridge , when hands touch the wires to the amplifier will sound slightly mute because the human body is actually a very large-capacity capacitor .
If you have everything connected properly , plug in the amplifier , slowly turn up the VOLUME potentiometer on guitar and amplifier .. in. .. enjoy your work .
Your efforts will be rewarded with beautiful tones of your work .. 

Maybe even better  than Mark Knopfler ......

*** Source : Youtube ***

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