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Instalation of truss rod

Truss rod is used today in nearly all models of guitar regardless of whether they are acoustic , electric and bass guitars . The main purpose of rods in the neck as some think it is not held to the neck in the same position and to prevent warping neck.
Purpose rods in the neck , in fact , that is already distorted , bent necks back in the position in which they should be . Wood is a living material , regardless of age , degree of dryness , handling , and weather conditions , and will always " work " . Truss rod is constructed so that its location in the middle of the neck by use of force , which affects the environment , ie neck , and will be straining your neck to bring the nut straight condition .
Some truss rod rods are designed so that they can act in two directions , strain or releasing neck . However most of the truss rod rods only work if the neck twisted in the convex side, and straining can come back .
Truss rod can be adjusted in two ways, depending on the placement of the neck , if the bar is located below the neck ( skunk stripe system) then it is usually the parent is under the control of the NUT 's on the headstock , and if it is below the fretboard , then the regulation in neck pocket of guitar..

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