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Safety and security workshop

 Each workshop should have maximum security, safety and comfort requirements for the work. That means working with machines and tools, particularly electric safe, enjoyable and successful. Other terms of the safety and comfort of good lighting job, ambient temperature and humidity. From protection in the workshop is the most important protection against electrical shock, open fire, water and gas.

Machines and tools for woodworking are very sharp, are working on a very high speed, and as such are very dangerous for those who work with them. These machines must be grounded to protect against voltage breakdown to ground and the possibility of electrical shock to the machine operator.
Work on machinery requires specific physical and technical protection. So for work on tools and machinery required protective clothing, footwear, eyewear and gloves, and protection from noise (earmuffs)
Since the workshop gathering dust, sawdust and wood waste, in such a place forbidden heating ovens with an open flame. Top central heating with radiators, electric radiators or hot air.

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